Monday, April 29, 2013

The Cobbled Streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The walled city of Dubrovnik once served as Croatia's Navy defense against pirates and would-be invaders. Today, it is a walled city of surprises, beauty, and history. Perhaps one of the most amazing things about present-day Dubrovnik is that, it still has the charm and value of its medieval counterpart.

In fact, if you walk through the streets of Durbovnik, you can still feel the  of the knights and nobles that lived in this side of Croatia, hundreds of years ago. The cobbled stairs and streets of Dubrovnik are the reasons why tourists flock to the city.

Landmarks of Dubrovnik:

  • Red roofs of homes in the Old Town
  • The Roland Statue
  • Picturesque Old Harbour
  • Bokar Fortress (highly recommended!)
  • Sponza Palace
End your stroll through Dubrovnik by visiting some of the local cafes in the Old Town. In case it gets too lively (and it will get lively during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, a 45-day festival), simply turn your white noise machine designed for travels on and say goodbye to disturbing noise.

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